Frequently asked questions

how do i book an appointment?


In order to book a tattoo appointment, we will need to get more information on the piece/pieces you are looking to get. When messaging the Facebook Page, please remember to include:

  • As many reference photos as needed to give us the best idea of what you want
  • Details for the piece, i.e.:
    • Color or B/G
    • Rough size
    • Placement
    • Custom drawn or pieced together with existing images
    • Dates that work for you
    • Artist preference
    • One session or two
    • Projected budget for this piece
    • If this is a touch up*
    • Etc.

(Please Note: We DO NOT Tattoo Pregnant or Nursing women for ANY reason.)

All appointments are booked on a ‘Rough Quote’ basis, meaning our team will give you an estimated amount of time for your tattoo with the information we have about your piece, however there are many factors that can affect the length or time it will take, please keep in mind that it will change the cost of your tattoo.

Our team will prompt you with these questions if you happen to forget anything, it just makes the booking process much faster when you have all the information ready for us!

*Please keep in mind that Fingers, Feet and Hands WILL fade out the quickest, there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop this from happening, it has nothing to with the artist, it has everything to do with healing environments, etc. We will offer touch ups however there will be a charge and cannot guarantee this will fix or stop the issue from happening.

** Touch ups: Fee is $50 for up to 30 mins. Over 30 mins will be considered a repair. If the work was not done by us, it will be the regular tattoo rate per hour. If the touch up is past the 6 month mark, it will also be considered a repair. 


Even though it is a small tattoo, we still need to see a picture of what you’re getting and get an idea of where it is going. Something as little as adding color to a tiny tattoo can change the overall time/cost of the piece.

Senior Artists: Minimum tattoos are anything that can be done in 30 minutes or less. Anything that exceeds the 30-minute mark will jump to the regular shop rate.

Junior Artists: We do not offer a minimum charge for Junior Artists.


In order to book a piercing appointment, please call or message our Cree8iv Ink Body Studio Ltd. Facebook page. When booking a piercing appointment, please include the following:

  • Type of piercing/placement*
  • Any allergies to certain metals
  • Whether or not you have your own jewelry*
  • Dates/times that work for you

(Please Note: We DO NOT Pierce Pregnant or Nursing women for ANY reason.)

We have a $25 minimum charge for any piercing services – Changeouts, removing a piercing, etc.

** Type of Piercing: We would like you to specify the type of piercing or its placement so our piercer is aware of what jewelry is needed so it can be ready for your appointment.

** Have your own Jewelry? We would like to know if you have your own jewelry because we need to sterilize it before your appointment. It takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes so we will ask you to arrive earlier to accommodate for sterilization times and keep appointments on track.

why can 't i get a service done while pregnant/nursing?

Infections can be present in the body for days before showing any signs. This means that there is an increased risk to the baby. We can’t take that chance, but will be happy to see you once that period is over. 

why should i disclose my budget?

We ask for your projected budget for your benefit, we want you to get the best possible design for what you are able to afford. If we are aware of your budget beforehand, the artist is able to plan accordingly! Alternatively, you can split your work into sessions, please discuss with your artist prior to the start of the tattoo. 

which artist should i book with?

We ask that anyone looking to book tattoo appointments, research the artists beforehand. In the artists tab we have provided each of our artists and their corresponding Instagram pages for you to check out and choose who you think is best suited for your tattoo.

(Please keep in mind that for smaller tattoos you may be asked to book with a junior artist as that is what they are more than qualified to do, as appealing as their rate is, they are not ready for larger pieces and you will be asked to choose a senior artist for any and all large scale pieces.)

What is a junior artist?

Junior Artists are beginner tattoo artists who have completed our Tattoo Training just next door! They’ve undergone theory, health & safety as well as practice to be able to tattoo with us in the studio. The rate per hour is lower so they can take their time to perfect their pieces. As they are beginners, minor mistakes can reasonably be expected. Junior artists’ are not able to complete large complex pieces, tattoo fingers or do custom, sorry! Be sure to check out their Instagram pages from the ‘About’ tab in the menu selections!

what if i have an allergy to piercing jewelry?

Many people have allergic reactions to piercing jewelry. Our shop uses 316L Surgical Steel as our standard piercing/healing jewelry, however we also offer Titanium, Yellow Gold and some White Gold options. (There is an extra charge for these types of jewelry.)


While we definitely care and want to know, if you get your new tattoo or piercing infected, we unfortunately can’t help you. Anytime that you are concerned about your healing, a doctor’s advice is strongly recommended as infections can worsen over time if left unattended. 

when can i change out my healing jewelry?

Every piercing heals differently, we give you the average healing time for your piercing, however it can vary for many reasons. So we install healing bars for the initial piercing to accommodate swelling during the healing period. It may look silly but bumping or reducing the size of jewelry too soon can actually restart the healing process and cause it to swell again, we want to make sure that we eliminate the possibility of that happening as best we can.

Please keep in mind that some piercings can take up to one year to heal.

what if i don't have facebook?

If you do not have Facebook we would be happy to assist you through email OR if you have any general inquiry questions feel free to call the shop.

(We cannot book appointments over the phone we NEED to see reference photos beforehand.)

what should i do before my appointment?


Pain lowers blood sugar! Please make sure you have eaten a full meal before any service as well as bring a snack or sugary drink to keep your blood sugar levels up!


Please wear accommodating clothing for the area being pierced or tattooed. Loose/baggy clothing is best as to not restrict the area being worked on.


Please avoid waxing for at least a week prior to your tattoo appointment, freshly waxed areas can become irritated very quickly and we don’t you to become uncomfortable during your procedure.


We do not reccommend using Numbing Cream for time tattoos as we won’t be able to properly gauge how well you are doing during the procedure.

(We do not provide numbing cream for piercings.)

what should i do after my appointment?



Keep your bandage on for the required amount of time. Once the bandage is able to come off, wash the area with the soap provided and apply ointment, keep applying ointment as needed.


Try not to get/put these on the tattoo area:

  • Pet hair
  • Lint/fuzzies
  • Makeup/Hair products
  • Dirt
  • Clothing
  • Lotions/polysporin or other rapid healing creams
  • Etc.

Change your bedding (especially if its white) to something fresh and dark colored (if possible) to lessen the chances of lint/fuzzies, pet hair etc. from getting onto your tattoo, and to keep the ink from staining any white or light colored sheets.

Wear baggy clothing or no clothing on the area to keep ointment from rubbing off.


For jobs that require getting dirty/wearing coveralls/protective gear. I.E.: Oilfield, Welders, Firefighters, Etc.

Baggy clothing over the tattooed area is preferred (just add extra Ointment to accommodate constant rubbing) and wash right away. DO NOT re-bandage. Re-bandaging can trap bacteria in the tattoo and cause infections to grow.


If you are planning on drinking right after your appointment, please keep the bandage in place until you get home and are able to wash the tattooed area.

The better you are at keeping it clean and moisturized the better chance you have at NOT getting it infected.


Tattoos should not be in direct sun/UV light for at least the 2 week healing period. Once the tattoo is healed you should be applying SPF to the tattoo when planning on tanning to protect the tattoo from premature fading.


Avoid any submersion of your tattoo whether it be in a pool, kitchen sink or bath tub for AT LEAST the 2 week healing period. You want to keep your tattoo from sitting in any water for long periods of time as it can cause fresh ink to look faded and can cause infection. 


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