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 In order to book any service, we require a deposit to be made. All deposits/fees are non-refundable for any reason.


All deposits taken on tattoo appointments are a credit towards your appointment. Meaning at the end of your appointment the deposit paid will be taken off the total cost of your tattoo. All tattoo deposit amounts depend on the time booked. Shorter appointments will require less of a deposit than a “Day Sitting” appointment.


Due to the high volume of no shows on consultation appointments we now require a $50 deposit to book a consultation with an artist to discuss tattoo ideas. We have implemented this policy to help make sure the artists time is accounted for if the customer chooses not to book an appointment. Consultation deposits will go towards your tattoo appointment, we can either decrease the overall deposit by adding the consult fee or we can increase the overall deposit by adding the consult fee on top of your appointment deposit, decreasing the cost of your tattoo on the day of your appointment.


All touch ups require the full $50 to be paid to book the touch up appointment, if a touch up exceeds the 30-minute mark, you will be required to pay the difference from the $50 (deposit).


All Draw Fees are an above cost to cover the time spent by the artist to draw up your custom piece, this fee does not go towards your tattoo. Expect a 2-week wait period on all custom work.


All Prep Fees are an above cost to cover any time spent readjusting your tattoo at the time of your appointment, the first 30 minutes are free, once prep time hits an hour $50 will be added to your tattoo time, and another $50 each additional hour after that.


Like tattoos, all deposits taken on piercing appointments are a credit towards your appointment. Meaning at the end of your appointment the deposit paid will be taken off the total cost of your piercing. Piercing deposits depend on the type or quantity of piercings you are getting.


It is against the law for us to tattoo or pierce you if you are under the influence or drugs or alcohol. If we suspect that you are, we have the right to refuse service. Even if you have paid a deposit, in which case the deposit will be lost. 

Alcohol thins the blood and when you get a tattoo with alcohol in your system, you will bleed more during the procedure. When you bleed more, the ink going in, is coming back out just as fast and will result in a faded looking tattoo. Tattooing after drinking is not a great idea either: you’re sensitive, tired, not feeling well, and your blood is thinned out. 

Even over the counter pain killers will make you bleed more.Any medication that affects your skin will also affect your tattoo. Accutane is a form of vitamin C used to treat nodular acne. Dermatologists recommend waiting at least six months after taking this medication before having any procedure that will break the skin as it can cause scarring and slow down healing

So, best case scenario would be to arrive with a full stomach, goodnight’s sleep and sober to ensure your appointment is completed as scheduled. 


All Customers must be 18+ to get a service done in our studio.

The only time an exception is made for minors is when a parent/guardian* is present in the studio (FOR EVERY APPOINTMENT MADE WITH US) to sign the applicable portion of the waiver specifying parental/guardian consent on the procedure being provided.  

We do not allow:

  • Over the phone consent
  • Customers to take waivers to be signed by parent/guardian
  • Emailed copies of waivers to be sent to be signed by parent/guardian

and we DO NOT offer online waivers.

** If the minor is in the custody of a guardian who is not the biological parent of said minor, we may need proof for record keeping purposes.

** We do require Photo ID from both the parent and minor (if available to be provided by the minor) for record keeping purposes.

*** We reserve the right to refuse certain areas of the body on minors. 



You must call in or message AT LEAST 24 hours before the time of your appointment to be considered a valid cancellation, in which we credit your file the amount of your deposit to re-book at a later date.


Appointments must be called in or messaged AT LEAST 24 hours before the time of your appointment to be considered a valid rescheduled appointment, in which we will move your deposit amount to a new date or credit your file the deposit amount so we can re-book at a later date that works best for both you and the artist.


For all appointments, we give a 15-minute window for you to arrive or call to let us know you are going to be late. Once the 15-minute mark has been reached, the artist is free to leave or take other walk ins if available as your appointment has now been considered a NO SHOW and your deposit has been lost, which means a new deposit will need to be paid to re-book.



ALL sales are final. We do not provide refunds on any service, product or deposit/fee for any reason. (Please see ‘Cancellation policy (Lates & No Shows)’

(We DO NOT offer refunds on jewelry.)


Same day “appointments” are considered walk ins.


Tattoo walk ins depend on what you are looking to get done and are only available if there is an artist available at the time of walk in or if they have time later in the day after their other appointments. For walk ins we still require the process of booking an appointment to be followed to have the best idea of what we can do for you the same day. (Please read ‘Booking Appointments.’)


Piercing walk ins are available whenever there is a free piercer in the shop. However, on some occasions if the piercer has left the shop because of a slow day or no piercing appointments, we are able to call and see what time they are available to come in or whether or not it would be best to book for the next available day.

Tattoo and Piercing Walk ins are not always guaranteed, we will always suggest booking an appointment first. Some exceptions are made for peoples whose work schedules are very sporadic, although even then we can’t guarantee getting in right away with your preferred artist. Your best option is to secure a spot with us even if it’s a few weeks in advance.



Here at Cree8iv Ink we are all for having a friend come and keep you company while you get your procedure done. However, we would like you to keep your entourage to at least 1-2 people, as our booths aren’t big enough for larger groups and the shop becomes crowded if everyone is bringing several guests with them. 


We try to be a very accommodating studio, if you have to bring your kids with you during your piercing or tattoo appointment, we ask that they stay supervised by someone at all times and are on their best behaviour. Our jobs require lots of focus and we can’t do our job to the best of our abilities if there are children running around and being disruptive.

We thank you for understanding our Policy on Guests/Kids.



Here at Cree8iv Ink we are happy to offer a 25% discount on regular priced tattoos to all services for First Responders that risk their lives every day for our community and the community of our neighboring Cities/Provinces. Discounts are valid on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday ONLY. If you are a First Responder, looking to book an appointment here with us please provide Current ID. 


College life is HARD, and we understand that! So here at Cree8iv Ink, we would like to help alleviate some of the stress of college by offering a 25% discount on regular priced tattoos. Discount is valid Sept 1 until April 30 annually, on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday ONLY. If you are a college student looking to book an appointment here with us please provide Current Year Student ID.

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