Frequently Asked Questions


Do I receive any equipment with this course?

All supplies required to complete this program will be provided as needed throughout the course. The tattoo kit is available for purchase upon successful completion of the program.

Do you have accommodations?

We have on-site shared accommodations. Please refer to the Accommodations tab. 

What transportation is available?

Grande Prairie has public transit, and taxis are also available.

Do you offer other courses?

At this time, only Tattooing is available. We plan to add more workshops in the future, including Advanced Shading, Watercolor, CoverUps, etc. These will be available only when the Student has reached sufficient proficiency in general tattooing.

What if I have tattooing experience?

The course cannot be split up at this time. The entire course must be completed in full. This includes individual components such as St. John Ambulance, Art Class, etc. Our goal is to offer stand alone workshops such as portraits, watercolors, health and safety etc. Please check back here or our Yellow Facebook page. 

is this a tattoo shop or a real class?

The building has a public tattoo shop on one side and the Program on the other. The Program is in a classroom setting with a class schedule.

Why should I take this Program vs. an “Apprenticeship”?

We have a ton of respect for traditional apprenticeships and we don’t think that should change. The need for skilled artists is growing, and the days of sitting in a shop for years cleaning and hoping to learn something new has unfortunately become an uninteresting and un-affordable process. The landscape is changing and clients today are demanding more educated and professional artists with standards that surpass old school practices. A real education has become an absolute demand in this growing industry with standards on the highest level. 

Do I get to work in a Tattoo Shop after training?

All graduates are responsible to source out own employment as with any other course. Cree8iv Ink Training Ltd. does not guarantee shop placement after this training. Some shops will be severely against the idea of a Tattoo “School”. Please be aware of this possibility.

Taking a 1 week Course or learning on your own vs. Our Program

Given that the average apprenticeship lasts anywhere from 1-2 years in length, we feel that condensing the training into anything less than a 12-week Program is unrealistic in achieving our training goals. When you think of what there is to learn ranging from the history and traditions of tattooing, to understanding the human skin, safe & sterilization practices, building and tuning a tattoo machine, the art of shading, outlining, color theory and color mixing, etc. (refer to our Syllabus outline). Some of those items may get missed or ignored in a very short, or unstructured, course. You may have spent a large sum of money to start a new career, it’s important to learn everything you can, to learn the right way and give yourself the best opportunity to succeed from the ground floor. Our Program offers continued support even after you have completed it, which is non existent on your own. As a graduate, you will also have the option to return for additional workshops to learn new skills and techniques. 

Do I need to be an Artist to Tattoo?

Short answer is yes, you would need to have some type of artistic background to be successful in tattooing. But keep in mind, a new tattoo artist’ work will primarily consist of basic designs like names, lettering, and simple shapes with basic outlines and color. As mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of practice to become a great tattoo artist. As your experience and skill evolves, so will your pieces. Custom and complex larger work will come as quickly as you progress. A lot of artists are now using electronic means to create images. Whether it be custom or images the customer brings to you, there is an absolute need for both types of tattoo artists in this now customer-driven industry. Experienced and in demand artists can also choose to focus solely on their desired styles once they’ve reached a point in their career that allows for it. How your career develops is up to you and the shop you are in.

*** However, please note that this Program is not an automatic admission. All applicants are still required to submit hand drawn artwork for admission review and acceptance into the Program.

After graduation, will I need to continue an apprenticeship, or will I be ready to tattoo?

You need to fully understand what you are doing before you tattoo, each and every time. Identifying potential risks or barriers to a great tattoo is the first step. We will prepare you with all the necessary skills needed to tattoo on your own after the training has been completed. With that being said, tattooing requires practice, and dedication. What you receive from this training largely depends on you, and that in turn will dictate what you do when it’s over. An apprenticeship means continued supervision and that is never a bad idea.

What do I receive upon Graduation?

All successful graduates of the Program will receive a framed certificate, participate in a graduation event, write their signature on the “Brag Wall.” Only graduates are eligible to purchase the tattoo kit.

In the past, business Licenses would have been provided, however, Grande Prairie’s bylaws have changed, therefore, graduates will have to acquire these on their own (applicable to Grande Prairie residents only – students are required to check with their local municipal tattoo bylaws before tattooing).  

Will I be tattooing on real people?

There is a live model component of our course. These will ideally be friends and family of the Student, but we are able to provide a model if necessary.

This portion is under strict supervision and ONLY WHEN YOU ARE READY. We reserve the right to delay this component of the Program until such time that we feel you are ready to proceed. We have a responsibility to you, to get you there, but also a responsibility to your model.

What kind of rate will I make as a Tattoo Artist after this Program?

Rates depend on the shop you go to and the arrangement you have with them. Every shop is different. You will need to discuss this with the Shop Owner or Manager, along with supplies and scheduling etc.